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Returning Patient Information

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How can I make a request to refill my medication?

There are three ways you can request to refill your medication. 

  • Send a secure message to your physician through your online Athena Portal 24/7

  • Call the front desk at 831-649-0175 to speak to a medical assistant. 

  • Call your pharmacy and have them send your physician an electronic request. 


1. All refills can take up to 48 hours to fill. 

2. Medications will be filled yearly. Patients must have at least one appointment per year to maintain medication refills. 

Which centers do you perform surgery?

We have two main surgery centers: Monterey Peninsula Surgery Center (MPSC) and Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP). 

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The initial setup of my patient portal is not working. What do I do?

For your initial setup, you should receive a link via email to set up your account. You must use your computer or a tablet as many patients have found that signing up via cellphone does not work. If this does not work, please call our office at 831-649-0175.  

What can I do through my patient portal? 

Through your patient portal, you can book an appointment, request a medication refill, send secure messages to your physician, see your payment history, and view your lab results and health information 24/7. 

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How can I access my lab results?

For all normal results, your results will be posted directly to your patient portal. For all abnormal results, you will first be contacted by your physician or a medial assistant and then they will be posted to your patient portal. 

I need access to my medical records. How can I request them?

By clicking here, we have provided you with access to request release of your records. After filling this out, please fax the paperwork to our office at 831-646-0220 or stop by our office at 889 Pacific Street to drop the paperwork off. 

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